Civil association PRO ARTE DANUBII has been fuctioning as a legal entity since 1999. Its main activity can be linked to two places in Komárno: the gallery on Nádor Street (on the aisle of the Benedictine monastery) and  the Gallery Limes located in the former soldier’s church which is a late baroque building of the Franciscan order. The art exhibitions take place in the main body and choir of this building. Civil association PRO ARTE DANUBII is organizing and opening art exhibitions in many of the cultural instituntions of both Slovakia and neighbor countries.

The civil association has a yearly schedule of 10 to 15 exhibitions which are financially realized through obtained grant applications which  are also the main resources for the maintenance of the building, sometimes through very rough circumstances.

The main focus of our association lies on the reprezentation of the fine arts: painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, installations, performances, conceptual art forms and actionism all of which take place in the halls of Gallery Limes. Our aim is to present contemporary art on both a local and an international level. The dramaturgy of our yearly schedule is set up to show the works of entrants, jubilees and interesting life works of the various forms of fine arts and artists.

The art of former generations is presented to the public through exhibitions of archived documents, photographies of national monuments both from Slovakia and our neighbor countries. Medieval frescos and sacral architecture are presented to visitors by means of multilingual photo montages.

It is most important for us that the exhibitions organized by us match the characteristics of the building (acoustics, architecture of a late baroque church) and each supporting event (musical acts, poems, tale adaptations, dance choreographies and sacral plays) highlights the aesthetic experience of the exhibition.

The given activities contribute to a complex art experience and the deepening of the visitors’ visual knowledge so that together they understand the message of the artsits, present artistic forms of expression and how everyday objects are implemented into art pieces, more deeply. In our age the function and message of art is to enrich our aesthetic experience not only in the „white cube” of the interior exhibition spaces but also outside, among the various forms of the human enviroment e.g. on the street, on the wall of a house, on a fence. We can find traces of art not only in a gallery but on a bridge or in a park too. Artists express their opinion, they makes a statement, they are warning us about something so in some way they are present in our lives. Trying to understand the messages of an artist and being part of this common artistic experience through time and space is a joy for all of us humans.

The foregoing activity and work of civil association PRO ARTE DANUBII confirms that the effort to get to know each other’s culture inside and outside of Europe, regardless of colour or the geographic location of habitation, is not prevailing. True art carries and spreads its message from human to human.